What is Flex Rake?

The Flex Rake is an improvement on existing farm technology. It is designed for use between your tractor and baler, eliminating the need for a second operator or tractor, which saves time, money, labor and wear on equipment. The proximity of the baler to the rake allows for the most efficient baling of the gathered hay product, virtually eliminating waste. The rake is extremely efficient and, when paired with a suitable baler, will gather practically all of the cut hay for baling in one pass. Since the hay is baled immediately after raking, there is practically no loss of product to settling, wind, or adverse weather.

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Hydraulically Controlled Wings

The rake has wings which come in and out, hydraulically, for ease of use, precise hay gathering, and transport of the implement. As the name implies, the rake's wings flex and move to maintain more consistent contact with the ground.

Adjustable Spring Tension

An adjustable spring tension system on the wings allows the operator to set the machine's rake spinners to rake lightly, or more aggressively, according to the raking conditions or material.

Hay Deflectors

A major innovation that is not on the market on any existing hay rake is that of hay deflectors. Hay deflectors installed along the wings, in front of the rake spinners, keep the rakes cleaned out, prevent wrapping of the spinners, and keep hay moving toward the bailer.